Whether you are repairing your current windows or replacing them with new windows, it is important to have energy efficient windows; especially when heat gain and heat loss through windows is responsible for 25% – 30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.

According to our homeowners’ windows buying guide, we know that energy efficiency is a key factor that a lot of our customers take into consideration when buying new windows. That is why we are confident you will consider it too!

White timber casement window

White timber casement windows

So, how energy efficient are timber windows?

Let us share our expertise with you… wood is a natural insulator, absorbing and retaining heat so will help keep out the cold during those colder months. This means that wood windows can achieve the perfect mix of BFRC ‘A’ energy ratings, improving thermal insulation in their home, boosting exceptional low U-values, and lowering energy bills. Depending on what house type you have, opting for A rated wood windows could save you up to £160 a year on your energy bills!

That is brilliant news for you!

So, yes – wood windows are one of the most energy efficient window types.

How do energy efficient windows help the environment?

Whether it be buying a new car or a cleaning product, using ethical materials that are good for the environment is becoming more of a priority in our society.

Besides being energy efficient, reducing your carbon footprint and being great for the environment because wood windows help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; there are many other benefits to buying energy-efficient windows too. From having better interior temperature control and increased comfort through to increased noise reduction and improved ventilation.

Are wood windows safe for my Surrey or South West London home?

From essential security to energy savings, our timber windows provide high levels of security for absolute peace of mind that your family is safe 24 hours a day, all year round. All our wood windows are designed with internal beading, proactively preventing the glazing from being removed from the outside. All whilst utilising multi-point locking mechanisms to provide advanced security levels, preventing any unwanted burglars from visiting your home.

But do not simply take our word from it – download our wood windows brochure for more information or, read our reviews to hear from some of our previous customers.

Green flush sash timber window

Green flush sash timber windows

Will timber windows add value to my home in Surrey or South West London?

Wood windows are a very aesthetically pleasing and classic addition to any home. As such, we believe that wood windows (and wooden doors) can increase the re-sale of your home by a large percentage!

How long do wood windows last?

Offering an incredible lifespan, wood windows from P&P have a life expectancy of over 60 years! As long as you regularly maintain and care for your new wood windows, you’ll easily be able to enjoy them for 60 years and even more!

Do our wood windows come with any guarantees?

Yes! We are pleased to say that all of our wood window installations include an 8-year paint guarantee, a 10-year installation and product guarantee and a 30-year anti-fungal and insect guarantee as standard. You can rest assured knowing that your wood windows are built to last! Find out more about our timber windows or contact us now and buy yours today!


Are uPVC windows more energy efficient than wood windows?

uPVC Sliding Sash

uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

When it comes to energy efficient wood windows will always triumphant uPVC windows due to the natural benefits found within it. As we touched upon earlier, as wood is a natural insulator, it absorbs and retains heat, keeping your house at a comfortable temperature all year round.

How can I increase the energy efficiency of my home?

Investing in wooden windows and wooden doors is one way that you can make your home more energy efficient. However, there is a multitude of other ways including replacing your double glazing through to buying (or making) a door draught excluder to sit behind your door, which will help retain any heat from escaping.

Wooden windows with double glazing for Surrey and Wimbledon homes

A British building staple since the 1500s, here is how and why our eco-friendly wood windows are a firm favourite amongst South East homeowners, such as the Kaye family, looking for classic aesthetics fused with 21st Century benefits, with more and more modern homes choosing wood windows over UPVC.

Get a quote and let our wood windows provide your home in Surrey or South London with long-lasting efficiency. Contact us today!

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