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Roof Lantern vs Skylight – What’s the difference?

First, it is essential to understand the difference between a roof lantern and a skylight. Also known as a rooflight, a skylight is fitted into the structure of the roof at the same angle, which can be fitted fixed (non-opening) or sliding hinged, depending on specific ventilation requirements. Whereas a roof lantern extends above the roof, often in a pyramid shape, adding an attractive architectural element to the building.

Now that’s clear, here are 5 easy ways to make the right choice between a refined roof lantern and subtle skylights.

Interior Korniche aluminium roof lantern

Korniche aluminium roof lantern.

  1. Flat roof or pitched roof?

Although skylights can be installed into flat roofs, their sleek appearance is more suited to pitched roofs as they offer the best drainage. Roof lanterns are ideal for new or existing flat roofs, designed for effortless installation.

That said, our unique flat glass roof lights make ideal skylights for flat roofs as equally as skylights for pitched roofs, installed at the industry standard of 5 degrees to ensure minimal pooling.

  1. Tight budget?

Sometimes home improvements must take priority, but we understand (especially in the current climate) that you may have a limited budget to carry out the work required. With this in mind, skylights may be a more cost-effective solution. Request a quote and find out.

  1. Classic or contemporary aesthetics?

Although roof lanterns and skylights complement both contemporary and traditional styled homes, roof lanterns are a popular feature in Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian styled homes, which is when orangeries became fashionable. In stark contrast, skylights deliver minimalist sightlines that flawlessly achieve the ‘less frame, more light’ look that has become synonymous with contemporary architectural design.

The slimline Korniche roof lantern provides a traditional timber look with all the advantages of a thermally broken aluminium construction, making it the perfect addition to a heritage-inspired home. Whereas our fine frameless skylight collection offers a unique flat rooflight system that never looks out of place in contemporary glazed extensions, fused with the likes of ultramodern bifold door arrangements.

Hallway with aluminium rooflights

Hallway with aluminium rooflights.

  1. You need to prioritise ventilation over lighting

When ventilation takes priority over natural lighting, you will require opening skylights, as roof lanterns tend to be a fixed feature.

  1. You need to prioritise lighting over ventilation

If welcoming the most natural light into the space is at the top of your list, you will require a glorious roof lantern. At only 57mm wide, the spas and ridge sections of our striking lanterns are amongst the slimmest on the market. Capturing the light from all perspectives, roof lanterns create an unforgettable focal point that also helps to reduce energy bills and keep your South East home warmer for longer.

Enlightening roof lanterns & skylights tailored to homes across Surrey & West London

Offering one of the best-looking roof lanterns on the market alongside an ultra-slim and aesthetically pleasing flat rooflight system, with P&P Glass the best looking and highest performance glazed extension roofs are guaranteed. Request a quote or contact our friendly team of experts to discuss your renovation options further.


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