In modern home renovations, one of the most transformative changes a homeowner can make is to install new patio doors. Not only can they bring more light, space, and fresh air into your home but they can completely change your interior and exterior aesthetic and the way you use your home.

Two door styles that offer these benefits in abundance are the bifold door and the sliding patio door. Each of these choices boast fantastic security, thermal insulation and style but have a few small differences that can make for a confusing choice when renovating your Surrey home. So, allow us to help you understand which is best for your home: bifold door or sliding door?

Bifold Doors:

Dual grey Sunflex aluminium bifold door

Wider Opening

Due to their concertina-style openings, bifold doors are able to completely fold away to one side leaving an expansive space as wide as the installation itself, making the bifold a perfect option for anyone looking to join their indoor space with a patio or garden.

A Seamless Connection to the Outdoors

As well as creating a wide opening to your garden or patio, bifold doors can be fitted flush to the floor meaning they have no threshold to step over. This all contributes to a fantastically easy to use transition between home and garden with safety and the freedom to move furniture without hassle.

Requires More Space

One potential drawback of the bifold door is that they take up more space than sliding doors when opened. A bifold door requires typically 1 metre of clearance in order to operate which will be a factor when placing furniture inside or outside your home.

Sliding Doors:

More Glass Means More Views

One simple advantage the sliding door has over its bi-folding counterpart is that it has much larger glass units that give an uninterrupted view of your outdoor spaces. A wider glass unit gives a clean and minimalist look and helps to make the most of whatever views your property may have.

sunflex sliding patio doors interior view

Space Saving

Because sliding doors consist of two overlapping glass panes they do not require any clearance space on either side of the door, meaning you are free to use all of the space available to you both inside and out, without having to factor in the space after the door is open.

More Precise Opening

Sliding doors also offer a greater degree of control in their opening. If you just want to create a slight opening for fresh air or ventilation then it couldn’t be easier with a sliding door.

The Threshold Factor

Unlike bi-fold doors which are flush-fitted, sliding doors will often include a threshold at the base of the door which needs to be stepped over in order to enter or leave the house which can be less safe and convenient for some. Although, a flush threshold is also possible with our superb sliding patio doors if required.

Sliding Doors can be More Expensive

Despite there typically not being much to separate bifold doors and sliding doors when it comes to cost, there can be a higher price associated with sliding doors over a certain size. This all comes from the cost of large glass panes being more expensive than smaller ones that are divided by frames. Put simply: the larger the glass the higher the cost in most cases.

See the quality of our high-performance patio door products for yourself, with a quick browse through our stylish and practical uPVC sliding patio door range, premium aluminium sliders and sleek aluminium bifold doors and a time-honoured collection of timber bi-folds and wooden patio doors tailored to heritage home improvements.


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