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Rosewood uPVC CarportWhat is a carport?

Also known as car porch, a carport provides shelter for your car whilst still letting light through. Not only that, but it’s also a much cheaper alternative to a garage. Of course, the question arises: ‘Do I need planning permission for a carport?’ Car port planning permission can be a bit confusing, so allow us to break it down into manageable chunks for you.

Do I need planning permission for a car port?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is neither a definitive no nor a definitive yes. Instead, it’s dependent upon a variety of factors. Planning permission for a car port isn’t required, provided that:

  • The carport is used for domestic purposes only. – This means you should only use the carport to store your personal car and not rent it out for monetary gain.
  • The ground area covered by the carport is no more than half the total area of the property. This simply means your carport can’t be too big in relation to the size of your property area.
  • No part of the carport is in front of the principal or side elevation of the original house that faces onto a road. This is only applicable if your house faces onto a road, meaning the carport can’t also be facing the road.
  • The carport can’t exceed 4 metres in height.
  • The highest point of the carport’s eaves are not 2.5 metres above the ground, if it is 2 metres or less from the boundary of the property. The eaves of a carport are the parts of the roof that hang over the sides of the carport.
  • If there’s a road to the rear of the house, no part of the carport is within 3.5 metres of it.
  • If your property is located within a conservation area, World Heritage Site, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) or National Park, the carport is not situated between the principal or side elevation of the house and its boundary.

Carport ideas | Why choose P&P Glass?White uPVC Carport

Most things on this list shouldn’t be a problem for most South East homeowners. At P&P Glass we’ll do our best to ensure you’re able to have a carport fitted to match your needs without needing planning permission. Our carports can be coloured to any RAL or BS colour. Our carports are flexible to meet any demands, with a variety of different carport roof panels from 6mm toughened glass to solid 35mm polycarbonate, we even offer UV protection on some panel types. From contemporary carports in front of your house to a traditional wood carport and a bijou lean to carport to a classic oak carport and even a deluxe double carport, we have a plethora of carport designs that we can expertly tailor to your particular property and unique sense of style.

How can a carport benefit my South East home?

  • Effective weather protection
  • Keeps vehicles in better condition for longer
  • A safer alternative to street parking
  • Versatile stylings that can be customised as much as you like
  • Extra space that can be used as an outdoor porch and for additional storage
  • Depending on the design and the layout of your property, a carport can also act as a shelter/windbreak; allowing your home to stay warmer for longer
  • An affordable alternative to a garage
  • Quicker to install than a garage
  • Can add considerable value

Brown uPVC carport

Carports near me and more!

We do more than just carports! For a wide range of professionally installed windows, doors, and other glass products, get in touch with us today or browse through our website.

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